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2018 Washington Redskins Season Tickets (Includes Tickets To All Regular Season Home Games) FedexField
Landover, MD
03:30 AM

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2015 Washington Redskins Schedule

The NFC East always ends up being very close and it will be interesting to see which team emerges division champion and goes on to the NFL playoffs this season. The divisional rivalries are so critical and hard fought in such a tight division where teams match up very well and it is hard to predict who will emerge triumphant until all the dust has settled and the injuries begin to heal. Their biggest games against division rivals the Cowboys, Eagles and Giants are going to be nothing short of epic matchups this season as any one of these teams can win the division. 

On their home field at FedEx Stadium, the Redskins will meet the New York Giants on November 29th who of course bring with them their quarterback Eli Manning who has twice won the Super Bowl and is always a fierce competitor. Notwithstanding his mediocre play two seasons ago, last year Manning was again able to produce some sturdy offensive numbers helped in part by the terrific playmaking of Odell Beckham Jr. Washington can move the ball through the air themselves with amazing athletes on the Redskins offense such as DeSean Jackson and so long as the Reskins’ defense can stop Manning’s offense or at least slow it down enough to let RGIII put more points on the board, the Skins have a great shot at winning this bigtime hometown showdown against the Giants which is so necessary to their plans of taking the NFC East title this season.

Another huge home game this season will be on October 4th when the Philadelphia Eagles come to town to battle the Redskins at FedEx Stadium. The Eagles won this division in 2013 and they are hungry to win it again as are all the teams in this extremely competitive division. These games within the division are so critical for any team looking to make it to the post season and fans lucky enough to have tickets to see this NFL showdown at FedEx will surely not be disappointed. Be sure to secure your tickets to be amongst the fans at all the home games as real fans appreciate every game counts, so get out and support your favorite team both at home and on the road to give them that extra push to give it their all in their quest for a division title this year. 

Washington Redskins Team Details

With such a solid team this year, the Washington Redskins and their faithful have good reason to believe that they could win the NFC East. The pressure will be on Redskins QB Robert Griffin III who, after making such a name for himself as a rookie in the 2012 season, struggled whilst playing through injuries the last two seasons. Looking to make a comeback onto the national stage this year the Redskins will look to their quarterback to put up the kind of numbers he has shown himself capable of doing and win football games for Washington. With wide receiver DeSean Jackson running his deep routes, this should allow the Redskins to stretch the field and if RGIII isn’t hooking up for long touchdown strikes downfield he has plenty of other significant passing weapons at his disposal including the young tight end Jordan Reed who seems to get better and better with each game he plays as well as the proven and reliable Pierre Garcon rounding out a dangerous passing attack for RGIII to conduct.

Washington’s ground assault seems perfectly in order as well. Here the Redskins will turn to Alfred Morris their running back to establish a ground game and then get defenses to bite on the ground to give their pass assault the freedom to get open and catch passes to score points through the air. The Redskins offense seems to have everything in order and the question will be whether their defense can keep it together and play a full four quarters without making any terrible mistakes that take the Skins out of the game. It will be fun to watch as this season the Redskins may be able to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together and win the NFC East. FedEx will be rocking this year as fans pour into the stands all season long for all their home games against the best NFL teams, these will be the hottest tickets in town. With this offense on the field they are  sure to light up the scoreboard to the delight of the crowds.

Experience the NFL

There is absolutely nothing on earth that can compare to being in attendance at a pro sports contest right there in person. But we are not talking about just any pro sport now are we? The National Football League offers its fans a spectator experience that is unparalleled to anything else on earth.. We are talking about the finest pro athletes on the planet waging war like gladiators in a game with more strategy that chess and so much preparation by the coaches and players, that when they come out onto the field like gladiators into the arena and begin their battle with the high speed action, the drama, the anticipation, the mesmerizing catches  and the bone crunching hits, and it all comes together right before your very eyes, you will be so glad you were able to get tickets to an NFL game. This is the number one spectator sport on the planet for good reason, it is the same reason fans pack into the FedEx Stadium in Washington for every home game. This is the hottest ticket in town and now is your chance to be a part of it.

Washington Redskins Lore

Why do people where hogs masks at redskins games? 

This goes back to a nickname given to the Redskins O line in the 1982 season. One of the only times in history that an offensive line became famous, the O line coach Joe Bugel  game them the name “The Hogs” since they would in his words “root around in the mud” on the field. To this day many Redskins fans don what look like pig masks and still recognize their beloved hogs and the Super Bowls they won for the city of Washington in an incredible decade long dominance of the NFL. The 1980s were the Redskins decade. They won the Super Bowl three times in nine seasons in the years 1982, 1987 and 1991 when Joe Gibbs was the head coach and with offensive players like Darrel Greeen at cornerback. 

Washington Redskins History

Tickets to Redskins games first went on sale way back in 1937. They were originally from Boston and called the Braves in part due to a number of their players being Native Americans. When they relocated to Washington the team owner changed their name to the Redskins to avoid confusion with the baseball Braves team (there was already another baseball team called the Indians as well). The team’s name and their logo have from time to time caused a silly little controversy that no football fan really understands. Silly name controversies aside, the Redskins won the 1937 and 1942 NFL Championship games which were of course prior to the Super Bowl era and prior to the NFL-AFL merger, and as already stated the Redskins have also won three Super Bowls: XVII, XXII, and XXVI. This storied franchise is now hungry as ever to get back to the top of the standings and bring home more Super Bowls for their fans who always believe the next one is not only possible but inevitable.

Washington Redskins Games Live

The Redskins fans are among the best in the NFL with Washington having broken the league’s single-season attendance record ten seasons in a row. This is the third most valuable franchise in the NFL valued at $1.6 billion in 2013 (the Cowboys and Patriots are the only two more valuable). The fan experience at a Washington Redskins game cannot be surpassed. When you see the Redskins storm the field to take on the great teams from around the league together with tens of thousands other NFL fans you will know what it means to experience the greatest and fastest growing spectator sport on earth first hand, live and in person. This is an experience that can’t be compared to watching it on television. Now is your chance to grab your tickets to the Redskins games of your choice and be there to watch this exciting team perform this season. The extra support of the fans can often be the difference between a win and a loss in these hard fought matchups. Don’t miss out on the fun!