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2018 San Francisco 49ers Season Tickets (Includes Tickets To All Regular Season Home Games) Levi's Stadium
Santa Clara, CA
03:30 AM

San Francisco 49ers Tickets Online

2015 San Francisco 49ers Schedule

Although the 49ers have not won the Super Bowl for a few years now, they’ve been right in the mix pretty consistently the last several seasons. Dating back to 2011, the 49ers have played in the NFC Championship game three times, going to the Super Bowl once, in what will be forever remembered as the ‘blackout game’ due to the fact that there was a power-outage at the Superdome in Louisiana.  And no, it wasn’t because they used up too much electricity for the halftime show! For those who awoke from their nap that day in time to see the conclusion, the Niners gave it a remarkable comeback effort, but still fell just short, being edged out by a field goal.

Those days are in the rearview mirror, but even in losses sometimes comes the drive to pursue and exceed expectations the next football season, and this year has some key matchups that will be a great indicator as to where this team is headed, most notably against the Seattle Seahawks, when these two teams will meet once at Levi’s Stadium on October 22nd and again on the road in Seattle on November 22nd.  As the oddsmakers understandably have the Seahawks slated as the likely winners of the NFC West, it will be up to San Francisco and their fans to be the difference in those football games to send a real message to the rest of the league that these Niners under Kaepernick have the wherewithal to get the job done and knock off the favorite. This showdown between these two NFC West powerhouses is fast becoming one of the most anticipated matchups of the entire NFL season as these two teams really give it their all when they meet up for what is the biggest game of the regular season for both squads, to the sheer delight of their fans who will once again snatch up tickets to every seat in the stadium.

The game at home on November 29th against the Arizona Cardinals will also be a game where San Francisco fans will be out in droves as this is the last game of the season and many predict that the Cards are going to be one of the best teams in the NFC this season. With this game likely to determine the playoff prospects of both these great football teams, the tickets to this NFL game will be in high demand and short supply come gameday. Apart from these matchups there is a full schedule of great 49ers action all season long at home and on the road so get out show your support for your 2015 San Francisco 49ers football team.

San Francisco 49ers Team Details

This team takes on a new look and new persona this season following the change at the head coach position with the departure of former coach Jim Harbough, but the lineup this team offers has an on-field presence that remains nothing but first class when you examine the personnel closely. It will be up to new head coach Jim Tomsula to pick up where the inspiring former coach left off. The 49ers have some absolute monsters amongst football players acting as the protective layer between the opposing teams’ sack attack specialists and quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Couple that with some equally large but perhaps slightly more agile giants on the field when they don’t possess the football, and we are talking about one mammoth team both on paper and in person which can rightly be expected to dominate in its games this season and push smaller sized teams around on the football field.

While Niners' quarterback Colin Kaepernick is quickly becoming a vet in the NFL, defenses are not as surprised by his tactical moves from the pocket as they were when he first emerged in the league, cruising past defenders much to their bewilderment, seemingly pulling away from would-be tacklers at break-neck speed, drawing comparisons to some of the world’s most recognized thoroughbreds.  In order to account for this very atypical rushing quality at the quarterback position, which many analysts say should become the new norm within the ranks of the NFL with less emphasis on the traditional pocket passer in years to come as the league evolves, many defenses now spy the quarterback more so than in years past with this new breed of QBs, and most certainly in the case of Kaepernick.  What this means for the 49ers offensive line is that defenses will increasingly be forced into playing man-to-man as opposed to zone defense, which usually favors the offense. If Kaepernick and the new San Francisco coaching staff can manipulate these predictable defensive alignments against them, it is probable that we will witness more successful long passes for touchdowns to the crowd’s exuberant jubilation at the new Levi’s Stadium than we really ever saw at Candlestick Park. Joe Montana may have something to say about that! The Niners have also made some impressive tactical moves on the other side of the ball through the 2014 NFL Draft such that their already feared defense could be even more intimidating this season.

Experience the NFL

It is impossible to do these players justice on a 2-D TV screen, and the 49ers don’t want that to be your vantage point anyway. That is why they have completed construction of their brand new state of the art home for football games in Santa Clara, called Levi’s Stadium. All the talk about this new home for 49ers football  - it’s finally here and this football team intends to start creating miracle wins within it’s confines right off the bat.

For many fans the NFL is unparalleled in terms of a sports outing with your loudest and craziest friends, period. No other sport is as fun to watch as the NFL, with its hard hitting, bone crunching action and no other sport is as physically taxing on players as NFL football, which draws only the most exceptional athletes within its ranks. In terms of a day to remember, the NFL boasts the most vivid live sporting experience in the world. It is something you have to experience to understand. Grab your tickets here and experience for yourself and your friends, at the new complex of Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara or in any one of the other fine stadiums around this multi-billion dollar league the sheer thrills of watching and hearing hard helmets crash together on the line of scrimmage and the roar of the crowd and strangers jumping on each others’ backs when the team you live for and have braved the entire offseason in anticipation of the short-lived football year scores touchdowns for their fans and the city they represent with blood and pride. We have got you covered right from when you arrive at the stadium with everything from parking passes to exclusive tailgate parties for your team as well as of course the game itself. 

San Francisco 49ers Lore

Which San Francisco head coach is credited for the invention of the West Coast Offence?

The correct answer is of course Bill Walsh who was behind the most successful era of 49ers history, winning three Super Bowls while at the helm, including six NFC championships in the process, and 10 out of the 14 playoff games he appeared in. This legendary coach saw highlights of on TV the night before a game in 1984 and set his mind to getting the great Jerry Rice to the 49ers which he succeeded in doing in the following NFL draft, selecting Jerry Rice 16th overall from Mississippi Valley.  

San Francisco 49ers History

It wasn’t until the 1980's that the San Francisco 49ers truly began to taste success. It was a taste they soon thereafter became quite accustomed to however, enjoying repeated successes throughout the 1980's and 90's. Quite possibly the greatest quarterback to receiver duo ever seen on the gridiron, Joe Montana to Jerry Rice was the model for the NFL at the time they worked their magic together. Of course with any great team there must involve the stellar play of multiple players, but without question if you asked anyone to name the team’s most important players at those respective positions, it would be difficult to argue that Montana and Rice were the epitome of perfection. Thanks to the perfect passing of Montana and later Steve Young, who came in as his backup and carried the 49ers on to more NFC Championship years including the 1994 Super Bowl season, Jerry Rice was able to break and still holds to this day just about every record available at the wide receiver position including receptions, receptions for TDs and most yards receiving. The San Francisco 49ers have won the Super Bowl a total of five times: 1981, 1984, 1988, 1989, and 1994. This is tied for second most NFL titles with the Dallas Cowboys, only the Pittsburgh Steelers have won more at six titles. 

San Francisco 49ers Games Live 

Any true fan of the 49ers knows there are games that simply mean more to the fan base in the San Francisco bay area than certain others. Games against NFC WEST divisional foes always gather a rowdy crowd and an exceptional live football experience as the Niners face off against the St. Louis Rams, Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals, regardless as to which venue those showdowns take place every year. But in order to make the playoffs fans also know that every win counts and every game is equally important to get out and cheer on the team as the fans are often the difference between a win and a loss when the team needs that extra focus or the opponent needs some proper distraction when attempting a third down conversion with the game on the line. Whether making plans to try out and experience the new Levi’s Stadium to take in a Niners home game, or planning a road trip with friends to support the Niners on enemy soil, true fans know you can’t compare viewing a game from the stands to warming a bar stool or being at home. The Niners are looking great once again this year and those lucky enough to secure tickets to any 49ers game this season will be glad they did.