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2018 Pittsburgh Steelers Season Tickets (Includes Tickets To All Regular Season Home Games) Heinz Field
Pittsburgh, PA
03:30 AM

Pittsburgh Steelers Tickets Online


2015 Pittsburgh Steelers Schedule

Following a solid performance on the gridiron last season which saw the Steelers reach the playoffs but not the Super Bowl, Big Ben Roethlisberger will attempt to improve upon the team’s performance and return to the Big Dance this year. Playing in the always tough AFC North, how Pittsburgh performs at home will be critical to whether they can get into the playoffs. You won’t want to miss out on any of the incredible action as the Steelers do battle with some of the best teams in the NFL. You can grab your Steelers tickets now and reserve your spot from which to view all of the incredible action as it unfolds this season at Heinz Field. 

The Steelers will be put to the test when the Arizona Cardinals come to town on October 18th. The last few seasons one of the Steelers toughest opponents has been the Cardinals.  Any Steelers fan will remember the not so recent Super Bowl win over Arizona, which many Cards fans felt the Steelers stole away from Arizona with some miraculous and key moment plays. So the Arizona team gets pumped up to play the Steelers and the Cards have a good team this year. Arizona’s veteran quarterback Carson Palmer has plenty of options at his disposal on offense and the Cardinals have one of the most dominating defenses in the NFL. The Steelers are going to need to be at their very best on both sides of the football to win this one, as they will need to slow down Palmer and try to put points on the board against a defense that can stifle most offenses in the league. This one is sure to be a great game to watch live from the stands.

Pittsburgh will host the Cincinnati Bengals on November 1st in this important AFC North divisional showdown. The Bengals captured the NFC North title two years ago. The Bengals have their sights set on doing it again this year but they have the Steelers to get through and the Steelers of course have similar plans of their own. These games are always exciting as they are a must win for both teams in their hopes to win the division. The temperature will be rising on the field in this battle and the terrible towels are sure to be seen waving by energetic fans with each big play the Steelers make on the field. When division rivals go head to head like this on the gridiron it is always an amazing game and an exciting time to be there in person to cheer on your favorite team. The other meeting of the Steelers with the Bengals in Cincinnati will also be well worth going to see since these games could well determine who wins the division this year. The more Pittsburgh fans in the stands at Cinci the better the Steelers chances will be. These two teams in particular have had some unforgettable games in the past and this year’s showdowns should prove to be further chapters to this ongoing saga. There are loads of other great home and road games this season so have a look at the schedule to see what is in store and grab your tickets to all the NFL action while you can. You won’t regret it. 

Pittsburgh Steelers Team Details

The Steelers are the defending AFC North Champs.  They are the favorites to do so again this year.  With Roethlisberger still calling the plays and doing what Big Ben does best which is to keep offensive drives alive and make would-be defenders look like they’re tackling a ghost, then throwing the ball 50+ yards for incredible touchdowns far down the field, it will be difficult to see another team oust them from the top of their hill.  Anyone who’s been to Pittsburgh or lives there knows that their football team is a reflection of the working attitude of their city, which is no B.S. and tough as nails.  This is precisely how their team plays football, and their fans love them for it. All the offensive ingredients appear to be in hand. Big Ben will be hitting his favorite target, reliable wide receiver Antonio Brown and Steelers fans are going to be dazzled when they burn defenses and score some touchdowns through the air. Pittsburgh’s ground game will be keeping defenses honest as the Steelers will look to their running back LeVeon Bell who can just terrorize defenses. The Steelers just need to play the kind of defense that has traditionally been the consistent feature of all winning Steelers teams and if they can do this it is fully reasonable to expect a division title again and even a run in the playoffs in 2015. It will be exciting to see what happens.

Experience the NFL

There can be no greater fan experience than watching an NFL game live and in person.  As the players take the field like armies preparing for a pitched battle, the anticipation in the stands is palpable and from the opening kickoff to the last whistle NFL fans are dazzled by the jaw dropping action on the gridiron unfolding right in front of their eyes. You simply can’t compare watching a game on you hi def television to being there for the sights and sounds in person. The Steelers are one of the most storied franchises in the history of pro football playing at one of the most famous stadiums in the world. Taking in a game at Heinz Field together with tens of thousands of the most loyal and enthusiastic football fans on the planet is an unrivaled experience. You need to be there to see what Big Ben is going to do with every touch of the football as this playmaker can make plays happen which are truly unimaginable. Pittsburgh want to win the division and get back to a Super Bowl and the support and cheers of fans could make the difference to push this team to the greatness they are capable of. 

The NFL is a world wide phenomenon with a global following that is growing all the time. There is no greater spectator sport on earth. If you have not got out to see the Steelers from the stands and experienced the NFL as it was meant to be experienced you will have no idea what it is all about. There is a reason why stadiums all around the country are filled to the brim every gameday with tens of thousands of football fans eager to catch every play live from the stands and see first hand the spectacular athleticism that makes the highlight reel and is the talk of the town all of the following week. So grab your NFL tickets now and get a chance to actively participate in the action, don’t sit at home and wonder what it is really like, come out and be a part of it, as the Steelers make their bid in 2015 to reach the top of the standings and move on in the playoffs.

As anyone who’s been to NFL games in person already knows, the party isn’t just about what happens between the whistles. Of course, that’s a huge aspect of it, but the anticipation and lead up to the event is sometimes just as crazy. That is why everyone turns out bright and early to the football games, in many cases bringing a cooker-grill and enough beers and meats to feed 50 people or more. This is where fans supercharge themselves before the game itself, getting everyone as pumped up for the game as the players themselves...well...almost. Nobody does this better than loyal Steelers fans at Heinz Field, often even in blisteringly cold weather late in the year.  It is just impossible to keep them away! You can get all your tickets here, not just tickets to the games themselves, but everything surrounding the games, including exclusive tailgate parties for Steelers fans as well as parking passes too.  Everything you could possibly need you can find right on this site, guaranteed.

Pittsburgh Steelers Lore

Do you know who has more Super Bowl victories than the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Nobody! The Pittsburgh Steelers have won the Super Bowl a total of six times, most recently as 2005 and 2008, and have been Super Bowl Champs more times than any other team. This illustrious crown is the envy of every team in the National Football League as well as their fans. The Steelers are 6-2 in Super Bowl appearances. Close on their coat tails are the Dallas Cowboys (5-3) and the San Francisco 49ers (5-1) who have five Super Bowl Championships each.

Pittsburgh Steelers History

The Steelers have lots of famous past players such as the classic (and brutal) Mean Joe Greene and the always giddy for football quarterback turned broadcaster Terry Bradshaw.  This storied franchise has too much fabled lore to mention including the Immaculate Reception over the Oakland Raiders when Terry Bradshaw was QB in the 1972 AFC Divisional playoff, which is perhaps the most famous play in the history of the NFL. Throughout the 1970s the Steelers dominated the entire league led by their unbeatable defense nicknamed the Steel Curtain which has set the standard for premium defensive play ever since. With more Super Bowl titles than any other NFL team this is one of the most prominent franchises in sports the world over. In the Big Ben era they have established themselves as the perennial favorites to win the AFC North and are always a possible Super Bowl contender. This team has some of the most loyal fans on the planet and anyone who is lucky enough to get tickets to see a Pittsburgh Steelers game in person will confirm that watching this team go to war on the gridiron live is a once in a lifetime experience.

Pittsburgh Steelers Games Live

The Pittsburgh Steelers demonstrated again last year a team full of talented athletes as they won the AFC North getting them into the playoffs. They'll need to win as many football games as they can to move up the standings in their quest to repeat the division title and set their sights on a successful playoffs run and the cheering support of their fans could be what makes the difference. You can't compare watching Steelers football on TV to physically being there and seeing and hearing the bone crushing hits and spectacular catches that have made the National Football League the global phenomenon it is today and the Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the most popular teams in the NFL so count yourself lucky if you can secure tickets to watch the Steelers play in 2015.

There are several specific locations throughout the NFL which are unlike any other in the sport of football. Most of these have that historical background that gives the fans goosebumps. The Packers at Lambeau on the Frozen Tundra in January. The Patriots playing in Foxborough in the playoffs.  Well, the Steelers at Heinz Field are right at the top of this list. Watching the Steelers play live at Heinz Field late in the Year when the games are all or nothing is unmatched by any other experience on earth. But as every football fan knows, every game matters. If you want to see the Steelers in the playoffs this year, they will need your support throughout the entire season.

And you can count on seeing plenty of Terrible Towels waving at stadiums all over the United States in 2015 as well. Although Heinz Field in Pittsburgh is their home, this well travelled fan base also gets behind their team on the road to cheer them on in foreign territory which is a big reason why they play so well all season long, renowned for turning out close wins by under a touchdown, the fans support is always the difference maker when the team needs that extra focus and extra reason to perform at 110% of their capacity. Steelers fans are the pride of the organization with some of the most passionate and loyal fans you will find in any sport. Get out and be part of the scene along side tens of thousands of fellow Steelers fans and you will experience for yourself the game as it was intended. So get your tickets to all the Steelers games right here, break out your oversized foam fists and your Terrible Towels, and watch the Steelers crush teams live this season alongside thousands of your fellow cheering fans!