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2018 Oakland Raiders Season Tickets (Includes Tickets To All Regular Season Home Games) Oakland Coliseum
Oakland, CA
03:30 AM
Oakland Raiders vs. Seattle Seahawks Tottenham Hotspur New Stadium
London, GL
03:30 AM

Oakland Raiders Tickets Online

2015 Oakland Raiders Schedule

The Oakland Raiders are ready to go to work on the football field and need to pick up some wins with the help of their fans behind them if they hope to contend in the AFC West. It can’t be denied that the Raiders play in one of the toughest divisions in the National Football League. In a division with the Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs and San Diego Chargers, the only way to make it to the post season is to win football games against some very tough teams who all share one thing in common, their passionate dislike for each other. The Raiders will have their work cut out for them once again in all of these bigtime matchups as well as when they will face other great teams from around the NFL. Raiders fans in attendance at the O.Co Coliseum are going to be dazzled by amazing action on the football field all season. 

Their first big home game rivalry will be on October 11th when the Denver Broncos come to town which will not disappoint any football fan to watch these two fierce rivals do battle on the gridiron. Oakland will need to play at their best if they hope to stop one of the NFL’s highest producing offensive units led by the indefatigable Peyton Manning at quarterback. We’ll see what the Raiders defense is made of in what will be a must win major matchup for both teams.

The next big divisional home game for the Raiders will be on December 6th against the very good Kansas City Chiefs team. The Chiefs are firing on all cylinders this year with a reliable quarterback and a head coach who has a proven track record. With Jamaal Charles running the football the Chiefs have one of the best ground attacks in the NFL as Charles is amazing at avoiding tackles and eluding defensive ends. He is a threat to score a Touchdown every time he touches the football.  The Chiefs are powerful and the Raiders are once again going to have to show their worth on defense if they want to keep their offense in the game and have a chance to win this pitched battle.

There are plenty of other great Raiders matchups at home and on the road this year and as always Raiders fans are certain to be both seen and heard in stadiums all over America showing their support for the Silver and Black.

Oakland Raiders Team Details

The Raiders need to win games this year and in order to do so they will be looking for their young team to step up and punch above their weight class. However this is entirely possible as Oakland has an incredibly gifted group of rookies in their lineup for 2015. Oakland fans were elated to pick up wide receiver Amari Cooper in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft. He is almost certain to start from Week One and should prove to be a reliable passing target as he has great hands and overall ability truly unique in a player of his young age. The Raiders hope that this can give some confidence and settle the nerves of their young quarterback David Carr in his second year in the NFL. Carr gave fans some flashes of brilliance in his rookie season and the presence of a great receiver should be a big help for settling him down and improving his confidence however this young quarterback is going to need to play better and improve from his rookie performance of 2014 if the Raiders can be real AFC West contenders. The Raiders are also looking for some help on the ground and with their running back Latavius Murray who will be expected to do the bulk of the work in this department the Raiders may be just fine if his limited game time from last year is anything to go by. Murray caused trouble for tacklers and in only his second year the Raiders need good production from yet another very young but also very talented football player.

The Raiders defense may be their strong suit this season. With linebacker Khalid Mack leading their defensive force Oakland may be able to grind offenses to a halt this year and for many years to come. Oakland will need it, as there are going to be several teams visiting them this year with incrediblly strong offences, so don’t miss your chance to scoop up your Oakland NFL tickets to watch all of the incredible action live and in person. 

Experience the NFL

Once you go and see for yourself from the stands you’ll know the difference between watching a game passively at home on your HD TV and experiencing the rush of the best athletes in the world going to war in front of you like gladiators in the arena. When it comes to football, the Oakland crowds are nothing short of fervent and until you go to a game in Oakland you cannot know what an incredibly rare and worthwhile experience this is to behold. There is no more insanely passionate sports crowd on earth. The notorious “Black Hole” is where the biggest, craziest, die hard fans can be found donning costumes and masks or painted faces game after game just enjoying themselves and having so much fun. Oakland battle against the best teams in the league on a regular basis so fans are spoiled for choice as to which exciting matchups they choose to attend. The experience of an Oakland game in person is truly riveting and that’s why fans go as often as they possibly can because these games are just fun to be at. The NFL is the best spectator sport in the world which is what keeps fans coming back week after week to watch the Oakland Raiders wage war right before their eyes.

Oakland Raiders Lore

Have the Raiders always played in Oakland?

The correct answer is no. Although the Raiders were originally from Oakland the franchise was moved to Los Angeles by owner Al Davis and had some great years there with double threat running backs Bo Jackson and Marcus Allen in the backfield. They even won a Super Bowl during their LA days (Super Bowl XVIII) when Marcus Allen turned in an MVP performance racking up 191 yards rushing. To the delight of the Oakland community, the team returned to their original home city of Oakland in 1995. Raiders fans love to head out to the stadium in Oakland and watch the Silver and Black battle it out on the gridiron.

Oakland Raiders History

NFL tickets to see the Oakland Raiders play football have been available since the team joined the AFL in 1960. Soon thereafter Al Davis, who was instrumental in the AFL-NFL merger which created the league as we know it today, took over and with his motto “Just Win Baby!” the Raiders’ fortunes improved rapidly. In the 1970s the Raiders won their division six times and played in six AFC Championship games. The Raiders have won the Super Bowl three times beating the Vikings in Super Bowl XI, unexpectedly beating the Eagles from a Wild Card position in Super Bowl XV and then the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl XVIII. The Team relocated to Los Angeles in 1983 only to return to Oakland in 1995. In the early 2000s the Raiders had a brief resurgence making great playoff runs three years in a row which ended in defeats in the Snow Bowl - Tuck Rule Game against the Patriots, as well as the AFC championship game against the Baltimore Ravens when the great Ray Lewis was at his very best and finally a Super Bowl defeat at the hands of their former head coach John Gruden (AKA Chucky) coaching the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl XXXVII. However once Raider quarterback Rich Gannon got injured the following season, the Raiders since then have struggled to regain their status as a playoff contender. Their team mantra is the “Commitment to Excellence” and they have a loyal fan base who are always confident of a return to glory. This is why being in the stands at any Raiders football game is always an experience that can't be rivalled.

Oakland Raiders Games Live

Of course you can lie around on your couch or warm the bar stool and get a sense of what is really going on between commercial interruptions but until you get out to the stadium and experience it up close you are not getting the full NFL fan experience. Come out and see the Raiders do battle at the Coliseum and you will get a truly exhilarating fan experience. The stands will be packed at every Raiders game with enthusiastic football fans who love to watch all of the drama unfold right in front of their eyes. When you see the Raiders take the field against some of the best teams in the National Football League including the likes of the Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs and San Diego Chargers you will get a tingle down your spine that only live spectating at the event can provide. The NFL is the greatest spectator sport on earth for good reason. The Raiders appear to have all the ingredients needed to turn the corner and really make something happen this year and real fans know the importance of the cheering and support provided by enthusiastic and loyal fans getting behind their team and letting them know they are fighting with a real purpose and fan backing, particularly when they go head to head against some of the toughest teams in the NFL this season both at home and on the road. The stands in Oakland are always nothing short of electric and the Oakland Raiders this year hope to create a buzz by winning football games with the help of their dedicated fan base being loud and behind them at every single game.