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2018 New Orleans Saints Season Tickets (Includes Tickets To All Regular Season Home Games) Mercedes-Benz Superdome
New Orleans, LA
03:30 AM

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2015 New Orleans Saints Schedule
New Orleans plays in the always competitive NFC South division. The Saints call the Mercedes Benz Superdome home and this is a stadium where home side advantage really means something given the Saints heavily one sided winning record at home which is due in no small part to their loyal, always loud and often crazy fan base. Only at the Superdome do we expect to find fans dressed up as Archbishops and the like. Now that takes preparation! The Saints and there fans believe they should win their division this year and to achieve this they are going to need to win a lot of football games with the help of their loyal fan base getting tickets and coming out to urge them on.

The reigning NFC South Champion Carolina Panthers aren’t planning on rolling over this season so this game in particular will require just a bit better effort and support in New Orleans to really get this team back to the top caliber output that New Orleans has grown accustomed to seeing. If the Saints can match the Panthers on intensity, especially comparing the two teams’ respective defenses, the Saints should have a real chance to still be playing in January 2016. The Panthers D is one of the best in the NFL so Brees and his offense will have their work cut out. Not to speak of Carolina’s powerful offense led by QB Cam Newton who has matured and improved since he started in the pros and is considered a threat both with his passing and to run with the ball. The other divisional must win rivalry games will be against the Atlanta Falcons and Tampa Bay Bucs. There will be no shortage of top notch football action this year for fans to come out and take part in at all the home and away games the Saints play this season.
New Orleans Saints Team Details

All-Star Quarterback and Superbowl Champion Drew Brees returns this year to try and get his team back to the playoffs, and with a little luck to the most important sporting event in the world, this year’s Super Bowl 50! While there is little doubt about the Saints talent at QB, the question for this team is what they can do to not only make it easier for Brees to find open receivers, but also to become more dominant on the defensive side of the ball. To these ends, the Saints have made some adjustments both on their defensive strategy and in their personnel, and on offensive the emphasis will need to be more focused and effective on the ground game so the Saints can convince their opponents to account for the hand-off as a real and powerful threat in order to trick the defense on the play-action pass.

The coaching staff for this team should not be overlooked. It is one of the best in the league, and the Saints certainly enjoy leaving it all on the line for Sean Payton. Furthermore, defensive coach Rob Ryan, who is a veteran coach around the league having formerly coached with the Oakland Raiders and Dallas Cowboys, is a no nonsense disciplinarian. He is exactly the right man to get this thing turned around and back into the right direction for the Saints and inspire his players to win the turnover battle in crucial contests. CJ Spiller and Mark Ingram are expected to do the heavy lifting for the Saints ground attack, and Coach Payton needs to design a few “Jap Plays” - to quote the Big Tuna Bill Parcells - to steal a few road games where the Saints may be playing as underdogs too. The Saints were very close last year and were certainly competitive. A few better bounces of the ball their direction this season and just a little more patience and discipline from Brees could well see this team winning the NFC South this season.
Experience the NFL

The NFL has risen up to become the most anticipated and thrilling experience in the world of sports. Seeing an NFL game live, as it was intended to be experienced takes the whole fan side of things to another level. Only those who have been to a game in person know what an intense and fun feeling this is, as you watch the mind-blowing athletic plays by the offenses come up with the bone-jarring plays of the defense. Put it all together and you have the best sport on earth unfolding right in front of you, what more can you ask for? Everyone around the world knows that the Mercedes Benz Superdome in New Orleans is unmatched in terms of the atmosphere and the sheer magnitude of the stadium itself, as it is unlike any other dome anywhere. Now made famous by the Ravens 49ers Black Out Bowl, when the lights went out and needed to be restarted taking over 30 minutes to resume play in football’s version of masterpiece theatre, which must have been embarrassing for the league, annoying for the participants in that contest, but rather humorous for the rest of us, the Louisiana Superdome now renamed after a popular automotive line must be a bucket list pilgrimage for any devoted fan of NFL Football. Not only do Saints’ fans wear their pride loud and proud, but there are so many other must see attractions in New Orleans, especially depending on the time of year, that a destination stop to this city offers even more than the great football game itself.
History of New Orleans Saints:
It was not until 1967 that the people of New Orleans were first introduced to Saints football, and it wasn’t until 1991 that the Saints stood atop the NFC South. Since that time, the Saints have been a consistent threat within the NFC Conference, particularly when playing at home of late, where the Saints have quite an impressive home record which must be intimidating to any visiting team who must visit there. We are sure the team would attribute much of their home success to their boisterous fans, who always come out in droves for Saints games at Mercedes Benz Stadium. In 2009 the Saints became Super Bowl Champions. This was equally significant to the city of New Orleans and surrounding area when one considers the natural catastrophe caused to the people of New Orleans in 2005 by hurricane Katrina, as the people of New Orleans rallied behind their football team whose own stadium suffered a roof collapse during the following winter when survivors of Katrina were using the field as refuge and shelter, demonstrating the unbreakable will and strength of the people of New Orleans and their ability to pull together in difficult times.

New Orleans Saints Lore

Which college did Drew Brees play for?

In fact Drew Brees played for the Purdue Boilermakers and played exceptionally well. His college won a Big Ten Championship and made it to the Rose Bowl with Brees. He was picked by the Chargers in the 2001 draft and played ok football in San Diego but he really came into his own in New Orleans and has never looked back including his leading the Saints to their only Super Bowl victory in the team's history in 2009 winning Super Bowl XLIV. 

New Orleans Saints Games Live

Every Saints game in the city of New Orleans feels like it’s own public holiday as every resident stops whatever they are doing to root them on. Football games played at the Mercedes Benz Superdome this year will no doubt be the most sought after tickets in town so secure your seats for all of these fast paced NFL games while you still can. There is no other team fan base with as much personality as that possessed by fans of this franchise. The unwavering loyalty of Saints fans makes for epic playoff encounters under the magnificence of the Superdome, but it’s up to you, the fans, to play your part in helping the Saints get there. Imagine yourself and three of your closest friends dressing up like Priests and Nuns and screaming your lungs out while waving Saints banners at the big game under the big roof at Saints home games, or arranging a road trip of a lifetime to cheer on your team where they need you even more on the road, especially in divisional enemy territory! Truly an experience like no other. It doesn’t get any better than the NFL. See you at the tailgates and at the games Saints fans!