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Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Philadelphia Eagles (Date: TBD) Wembley Stadium
London, GL
03:30 AM

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The AFC South is a tough division, with fierce competition from division rivals such as the Indianapolis Colts, Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans. Jacksonville fans are known to embrace their football team more so than other regions in the U.S.  From the average man on the street, to the head of huge corporations, everyone within the Jacksonville area stops whatever they are doing to watch the Jaguars play. It is the most important ticket in town. If you live in Jacksonville, you absolutely know what we mean. The Jags will need to win most of their divisional matchups to get a leg up towards a playoff spot, but there are lots of other great games coming to EverBank Field you’ll want to secure tickets for this season such as great matchups against the San Diego Chargers, Atlanta Falcons, Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills, and Carolina Panthers where the atmosphere will be incredible as the Jags fight to win games at home before the Jags faithful. 

But where the team needs support just as crucially is on the road.  So whether you wish to take in the big game within the safety of your home confines, or brave your support for the Jaguars during road games, you have found the perfect location to get your tickets with just a few clicks and receive your tickets to the games instantly. There will be lots of Jags fans in the crowds when the team goes to Houston, Nashville, and of course Indianapolis but you’ll find Jags fans at all their games as Jacksonville fans travel far and wide to watch their team compete this season.  The Jaguars will need to live up to great expectations this year to make a serious push into the playoffs, and their fan base will do everything they can to see this mission become a reality. 

Jacksonville Jaguars Team Details

the AFC South is a tough division that doesn’t always get proper recognition around the rest of the league. The Jags have lots of talent of their own this season as well and are in fact an underrated team with attractive prospects growing within their ranks. The Jaguars have had key players come and go, especially at the quarterback position, who showed promise early on but fizzled out in big contests. Jacksonville is looking to see what QB Blake Bortles can accomplish for their team and their city, having been selected by the Jags as the third overall draft pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. Although in recent years the AFC South has been controlled by the Colts with Andrew Luck, the Jags are going to need to find a way to play well on both offense and defense and put it all together in a hurry if they hope to win enough games to make the playoffs and they have got enough talent on both sides of the football to do just that, so it is going to be a lot of fun to watch them in action this year and see what they can do.

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Jaguars fans are among the most dedicated and loyal fans of any team in the NFL. Jags fans can give the players on the field that added encouragement so critical for winning in tight games down the stretch. Not to mention the atmosphere at a Jags game at EverBank Field is nothing short of magical and with the line up of top notch teams coming to Jacksonville this season to enter the battlefield with the Jags, fans lucky enough to get their hands on tickets to see these heavyweight NFL fights are going to be in for a real treat. Anyone who has ever been to an NFL game in person knows all too well that being there in the stands as the high paced action unfolds in front of you is one of the most exhilarating, exciting and fun feelings a sports fan can achieve in all one’s lifetime. The NFL has risen up to become the most popular spectator sport and there is a good reason why fans across the country pour into NFL stadiums to see their favorite teams play football week after week. You can’t get this feeling and excitement anywhere else, particularly not sitting at home or on a bar stool. So grab your tickets to these exciting NFL games and get out and be a part of it.

Jacksonville Jaguars Lore:

Did you know that in 2007 the Jacksonville Jaguars became the first team ever to beat the perennial powerhouse Pittsburgh Steelers twice on the Steelers home turf at Heinz Field within the same year by the same opponent in the entire 50+ years of Steelers Football History?  It’s True!  Led by then QB David Garrard, the Jags dropped the Steelers 31-29 in the playoffs that year to get their second ever road playoff win in Jaguars’ history at the time, having already beaten the Steelers in Steeltown earlier during the ‘07 Regular Season! The Steelers have won the most Super Bowls of any team in the NFL and it was a huge upset when the Jags rolled into town and beat them in this classic playoff matchup which was a nail biter right to the end and is still talked about nearly 10 years on. This just goes to show that anything can happen once you reach the playoffs and the Jags have demonstrated past greatness in their relatively short time in the NFL. Let’s see what they can do this year with the help of their fans out in droves cheering them on at some of the best NFL games this season being played in Jacksonville.

Jacksonville Jaguars History

Since tickets to Jags games first went on sale in their first year in the NFL, the Jaguars have developed into a fierce competitor, especially in tight games at EverBank Field, where the emphasis has been concentrated on stellar and reliable defense. The Jaguars joined the league the same year as the Carolina Panthers playing their inaugural contests in the 1995 season, with Jacksonville electing to take QB Steve Beuerlein with their first ever overall Draft Pick. He was quickly replaced however by QB Mark Brunell. In their very next year in 1996, the Jaguars were able to post their first winning season, going 9-7. The Jags have always been good especially whenever they have made it into the playoffs having achieved this with some frequency considering their relatively short time in the league.

When the Jaguars succeeded in knocking off the Buffalo Bills in their first ever home playoff game, not only did they beat the Bills, but they also forced Quarterback Jim Kelly from the contest in what unbeknownst to anyone at the time would in fact be the last time Kelly would ever play football again. They then went on in that same season to march into Mile High Stadium and take down the Denver Broncos, a team everyone at the time believed would represent the AFC in the Superbowl. Pretty impressive for one of the Jaguars first cracks at the always intimidating NFL Playoffs!  

Fast forward some years to the 2006 NFL Season, where expectations were on the rise coming off an impressive 12-4 record the year prior, but were ravaged by key injuries to Donovin Darius, QB Byron Leftwich, and Reggie Hayward. The Jaguars finished with an equal number of wins and losses that year, missing the playoffs, but there was still some glowing positives to take from that year, including the emergence of their budding superstar running back Maurice Jones-Drew. The style of play for the team then switched to a run first offense, seeing an efficient ground and pound game establish within their ranks, keeping the ball firmly in the hands of RBs Jones-Drew and Freddy Taylor.  In 2010, the Jaguars saw home attendance figures explode. Football fans in the Jacksonville area haven’t looked back since, and the Jaguars rely on the energy their fans happily provide for their squad as the team’s continued inspiration going forward.  

Jacksonville Jaguars Games Live

For those of you who have been to Jaguars games in the past, you already know the electricity you feel by getting to root for your team and help get in the ear of the opposition on key third down or goals line plays. The NFL is bar none the best spectator sport on earth which keeps fans coming back week after week.  For those of you who have never experienced the NFL live, we strongly encourage you to try it!  Chances are you will return time and again. There really is no other experience like the NFL. No pro sport receives more attention and hype than does NFL football and with good reason. These players are putting life and limb on the line for their fans every time they take the field and display their incredible athletic abilities, not to mention the strategy and other elements that all come together to make up a pro football game, there is nothing else that even comes close. Get your tickets now and don’t miss your chance to see the games live, and that’s not all but also everything you require to take in the Jacksonville Jaguars complete NFL experience as well, with exclusive Jaguars tailgate tent parties and parking passes to EverBank Field. Get out and be a part of the action and one thing will be for sure, you’re not going to regret that you did.

Jacksonville Jaguars Games Live

Jacksonville residents have always been huge sports fans, but it has never been more true than you will find there today. These fans have ridden the highs of crazy upsets on the road in the playoffs entering other well known vaunted homes of other NFL powerhouses in the past, probably best known for a terrorizing defense and conservative but effective offensive strategy. With the Jags flying under the radar this year, they seem poised to turn some heads and open some eyes if they can get off to an impressive start this season in the AFC South, and keep the ball rolling. This should be a thrilling year for those who understand the true quality and capability of this Franchise. Don’t miss a single down all year. Grab your tickets today and experience the NFL live for yourself as you salute your team in a sea of fellow Jags fans eager to root on their team to victory, whatever it takes. The NFL experience can't be surpassed and experiencing it live from the stands is how the game was meant to be watched, seeing it on TV is like a pure imitation of the real thing. When you see the two teams storm onto the gridiron to wage their pitched battle on a Sunday afternoon you will be glad you got tickets to the best game there is: NFL football.